Caring for your Fabric Upholstery Furniture — Fullhouse
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Caring for your Fabric Upholstery Furniture — Fullhouse

Caring for your Fabric Upholstery Furniture

Correct care will extend your furniture’s life and value. Various factors determine the life expectancy of your fabric, for example colour, weight and fibre content. Due to so many variables, some fabrics may require specific, specialised cleaning solutions or procedures.


  • Vacuum regularly with a soft upholstery attachment. Dirt combined with body moisture can produce a grime discolouration to the fabric. Vacuuming will also remove grit that can wear away the fabric.

  • Rotate or reverse cushions regularly, where the design permits. Do this once a month to minimise wear from ‘favourite chair syndrome’, this is where more obvious dirt build up on the most frequently used seat or seats.

  • Keep pets and sharp objects away from fabric. Fur is particularly oily and may cause permanent discolouration. Claws, belt buckles, heels, keys, etc., can cut and/or pull fabric, causing permanent damage.

  • Pilling can be expected on some fabrics and should not be considered a fabric fault. Fibre pills can be removed easily using a de-pilling machine. This will not damage the fabric when used correctly.

  • Feather and down cushions have excellent recovery, but much like down comforters or pillows, they need to be fluffed more frequently to restore their loft.

  • Use floor protectors on the bottom of furniture (like tables and chairs) to minimise damage to floor coverings.

  • Treat spots, spills and stains immediately before it becomes absorbed excessively. Do not rub - carefully soak up the spillage by gently ‘blotting’ with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth in circular movement, working from the outside to the centre.

  • Pre-test all care products in a hidden area to make sure they are compatible. Do not use household detergents or strong chemicals to clean your upholstery.

  • Use a professional dry cleaning service at least once a year to keep the fabric looking good. Leave any removable covers on during cleaning to minimise shrinking.

  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight as this may cause colour loss and/or fibre damage by UV exposure. Even short regular exposure can cause damage. Some fabrics (e.g. dark/strong colours) may be extra sensitive to UV.

  • Do not move the sofa by pushing, pulling, dragging or lifting by the armrests. Carefully lift from the base when moving it around the home and never drag.

  • Do not sit on the arms and/or the back of the sofa. This causes premature wear and may distort the padding under the fabric.

  • Do not jump or throw yourself onto the sofa.

  • Do not pull loose threads. Cut them instead.

  • Do not put newspaper on the sofa. Ink can transfer and dirty or stain the fabric.

  • Do not self-machine wash removable covers at home. Loose covers may shrink or distort making re-fit impossible. Use a professional dry cleaning service.

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