My Leather Sofa Looks Crushed & Creased After Delivery — Fullhouse
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My Leather Sofa Looks Crushed & Creased After Delivery — Fullhouse

My Leather Sofa Looks Crushed & Creased After Delivery

If your sofa has arrived and looks creased, this may be caused because it’s been carefully handcrafted and then even more carefully wrapped and packed to help ensure that no damage occurs during the trip to our warehouse or the journey with our delivery team to bring it to your home. Once unpacked, leather sofas may require “dressing”. This is quite normal and very easy to perform using the following steps:

  • Plump up the back cushions and arm pads of each sofa

  • Ease the leather gently into shape with the palms of your hands

  • Spread the leather across the seat cushions in the same way

  • Give the sofa time to “warm up” and relax (this may take a few days)

Most leathers used on upholstered furniture have a clear top coat sealer which helps protect the colour and stops the leather from drying out. If dirt, grime and perspiration are left to build up on the surface of your furniture, this protective top coat can wear away, severely reducing the life of your leather. The following tips will help you care for your leather furniture and add years of life, while enjoying it every day:

  • Sunlight can fade the colour in your leather. Keep away from direct sunlight.

  • Heat can shrink leather. Keep your leather furniture away from direct heat sources like fire places and heaters.

  • Keep direct, dust and food spill off the surface. It's especially important that you don't allow grime to build up in folds and seams. Avoid using any other cleaning products other than the ones recommended. The use of other products may void your warranty and can harm or even damage the surface finish.

  • Excessive exposure to high levels of body perspiration can damage the surface coating of your leather. If your leather is going to be exposed to excessive perspiration ensure that it is cleaned more frequently.

If your new Fullhouse sofa feels or looks a little different to the one you saw in the store (the seat may feel firmer; the leather might look tighter), that’s because your furniture is brand new, unlike the store’s floor sample which may have already been well “conditioned” by many visitors.

Like a new pair of shoes with regular use your new furniture will gradually begin to adapt to your expectations. Your leather sofa will relax into a more casual appearance over time.

During the first few weeks of use comfort creases and wrinkles will naturally form in the leather to give a soft an inviting look that is a feature of leather upholstery.
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