Top 10 Marble & Ceramic Furniture Care Tips — Fullhouse
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Top 10 Marble & Ceramic Furniture Care Tips — Fullhouse

Top 10 Marble & Ceramic Furniture Care Tips

Marble and ceramic table tops are highly durable and need minimal care to maintain their beauty. Every marble or ceramic top is unique – no table will have the same shades or patterns. 

  • We’ve applied a clear lacquer to protect the marble or travertine against wine, grease and coffee spills. Wipe any spills immediately with a clean soft cloth to avoid staining. The longer the spill remains, the harder it is to remove.

  • These surfaces can be very delicate and with everyday use you can expect some visual signs of wear on the surface of the product. Use coasters, placemats and table runners to reduce the chances of marking and damaging the marble or ceramic.

  • Dust the surface weekly using a soft cloth. Avoid cleaning products unless the label specifies it is safe for natural stone, concrete, marble or travertine.

  • Use felt or cord pads under vases or similar to avoid scratches.

  • Store marble or ceramic vertically if you are ever moving or transporting it. Handle with extreme care to avoid accidental cracking.

  • These pieces can be very heavy so make sure you have enough friends, family or flat-mates to assist moving.

  • Don’t use acidic, lemon or vinegar-based cleaners. These can etch off the sealant, removing the protective layer and damaging the surface.

  • Don’t drag your table as it will stress the frame. Carefully lift it from both ends when moving.

  • Avoid knocking your table as this may chip or scratch the marble, travertine or concrete.

  • Periodically check and re-tighten any fasteners and avoid direct sunlight.

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