Understanding Upholstery Leather Sofas — Fullhouse
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Understanding Upholstery Leather Sofas — Fullhouse

Understanding Upholstery Leather Sofas

Soft, supple and highly durable, leather is a versatile and universally popular upholstery cover for furniture. The best quality upholstery leathers breathe and feel cool in hot weathers. The hides are made ready for upholstery by tanning, which is a series of treatments that soften, pigment, beautify and protect the hides.

  • Full grain leather: Full grain leathers are made from the strong, top-grain (surface) layer of the cattle hide. These hides often show their natural growth marks or scars, with subtle or more pronounced variations in markings depending on the leather finishing treatments. Unblemished hides that show off their natural characteristics is a sign you are investing in the best leather, that looks even better with age, with the most sought after quality and value. 

  • Corrected grain leather: Corrected Grain leather uses the strong top-grain layer from quality cattle hide. These hides may have irregularities (such as excessive markings, scars, insect bites, etc.) which are lightly buffed, sanded and filled to achieve a more even look. A uniform grain pattern is then embossed into the leather and finished to enhance look and wear, resulting in an excellent value for money day-to-day, kid-friendly furniture cover.

  • Split or half leather: Selected designs use leather “split” on the backs and sides. These “splits” are genuine cattle hide taken from just under the stronger top grain layer. While not as strong as full or corrected grain leathers, modern tanning techniques are used to match the look of premium top grains while maximising the yield from the cattle hide to produce an economical alternative to top grain leather.

Leather hides may show slight colour and grain variation, and will develop character over time. With regular use, leather fibres will relax and comfort creases may form in areas that received the most contact. These are signs of the leather's authenticity and should be no cause for concern.

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