Will your new furniture fit at home during delivery? — Fullhouse
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Will your new furniture fit at home during delivery? — Fullhouse

Will your new furniture fit at home during delivery?

You have selected a Fullhouse furniture that best fits your needs, but before you order, you may want to double check that it will fit in your home first. Here are some tips that will help you to ensure that your furniture will fit your living space and very importantly, through your doorway!

Step One: Getting Ready
You’ll need a few things before you start, a measuring tape, some paper, a pen and a spare few minutes!

Step Two: What is Your Furniture Size?
Make note of the dimensions of your furniture. These dimensions can be found on the product page of your chosen furniture, under “Product Dimensions”. If you are choosing a modular furniture, note and calculate the overall dimensions of the pieces assembled.

  • Total length of furniture
  • Total depth of furniture
  • Total height of furniture

Step Three: Will My Furniture Fit?
It might sound like an obvious thing but to ensure a smooth delivery it pays to measure up doorways and passageways and think about obstacles such as lifts, walkways, corridors and stairs BEFORE you place your order.

Start with your front door, or the corridor and lift you intend to take delivery through.

Open your door as wide as possible and measure the distance between the inner edges of your door frame. Also measure the inner height of the lift interior, and the width of the lift doors.

  • Width of doorway
  • Height of doorway
  • Width of lift door
  • Height of lift interior

Compare the width of your door frame with the height of your furniture, allowing a bit of leeway either side. This will determine if our delivery team will be able to fit the furniture through on its side. If the width of the door is greater than height of your furniture it will fit through!

If the width is too narrow, then your furniture may need to be carried through upright, so make sure the height of your doorway is greater than your furniture width (with some leeway either side).

There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you buy your new furniture and we know you might need a bit of help! If you have any questions, you can call our online furniture specialists who are available to help you ensure a good fit for your new home.

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