20 Budget-Friendly Homes (For Under $2000) – Fullhouse
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20 Budget-Friendly Homes (For Under $2000) — Fullhouse

20 Budget-Friendly Homes (For Under $2000)

The living room without question is the space in which we spend hours reading books, taking naps, chatting, playing board games with family, and (above all else) sinking into the depths of our sofas to binge our favourite TV shows and movies until Netflix asks us if we’re still there.

So many of us have been living vicariously through the charming and perfectly-curated spaces we just can’t get enough of on Instagram feeds.

So why not bring those delightfully cozy and chic aesthetics into our own lives?

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist and Scandinavian styles, in neutral, muted spaces, get ready to lay your eyes upon the living room of your lounging dreams.

We have curated a list to help you get the look and on a budget!

1. Juniper

Fresh whites punched with a bold green, this collection is a mix of graphic colours and storage functionality.

2. Ebony & Ivory

Using a graphic black and white approach, sharp edges and high gloss finish is balanced with soft marble textures. This collection creates a focal point of the living room with a dramatic feature wall and carries the design language into the dining area.

3. Coco-Bali

Relive your summer holiday in Bali with warm wood, rattan textures and rich emerald greens. This collection is a balance between style, budget and function.

4. Milk Coffee

If you love the cosy feeling sipping on a flat white on a rainy day in Apartment Coffee, then you will enjoy this colour palette. A mix of soft warm latte browns and milky greys helps create a calming look that will last for years to come.

5. Nordic White

Scandinavian inspired with clean whites and soft wood tones articulate a calm and cosy feeling at home. Curated for a studio apartment, the collection considers compact sizes, dual function furniture and ample storage.

6. Blackpink

This collection packs a lovely punch with stark black metal and soft powder pinks fabric. Like the K-pop sensation, this look is a mix of flirty, cute and don't-mess-with-me.

7. Shades of Grey

Shades of grey is quite plainly, shades of grey punched with textures like marble, patterns and concrete creates visual interest.

8. Mocha

Warm wooden tones mixed in with cream and whites form this classic collection. The TV feature wall and coffee table sit on trendy hairpin legs, giving the look an airy feeling.

9. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Fall hopelessly in love with the pairing of cool blues with warm wood and greys in this collection made perfect for a cute couple like Adele and Emma.

10. Silverwood

The perfect balance of greys, whites and warm wood tones. This collection is perfect for couples who want furniture that does more than the usual. Dining tables extend for more room and coffee tables unhinge for extra storage!

11. Olive

Furbish your home with this fun yet classy collection of cool olive hues for a look that will leave your guests in awe!

12. Eggshell

Soft shades of cream and light milky browns create a collection that is calming and inviting.

13. Pebble

Inspired by the smooth stones washed on the beach, this collection focuses on light airy sandy shades of brown and oak. Furniture pieces are selected with storage in mind from cabinets for books to shoes, as well as dual function sofa that has hidden storage and transforms into a day bed.

14. Midnight

Clean lines, black gunmetal, luxurious leather, marble textures in this collection create a modern and sexy bachelor pad vibe.

15. Denim

This collection is touched with a mid-century modern flare by blending together dark wash denim and deep wood tones.

16. Mist

Stylish and sensible with simple storage solutions, add this sophisticated minimalist look with relaxing and inviting tones of cool greys and warm browns to your home.

17. Moss Blue

Curated with subtle and serene forest colors and round edges that break up the monotony of straight lines and safe hues.

18. Kardashian

An attention grabbing pop of bold warm brown among muted wood tones keeping up with this stylish and tabloid worthy collection.

19. Moon Dust

De-stress with this elegant yet functional design that incorporates a clever mix of whites, browns and easy greys with smart storage solutions.

20. Sage

Here’s some sage advice, wisen your space with this cozy collection of tranquil greens and soft wood pairings.

21. Charcoal Latte

Embolden your home with this suave and masculine curation of strong greys complimented with soft wood tones.

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