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3 Seater Sofas

Is your loveseat not big enough to accommodate your growing family? If so, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your loveseat into a 3 seater sofa!

Choosing the right material for your 3 seater sofa

When shopping for a 3 seater sofa, the question most often asked is, “Do I go for leather or fabric?” If you’re looking for something comfy, you may want to look into fabric and velvet sofas. If your preference is leaning towards something modern that has a touch of sophistication, leather sofas are the ones for you.

When it comes to the material, there is no right answer. However, there are a few practical considerations to take note of when choosing your sofa set: durability, care requirement and comfort.


Chances are, you (and many others) will use your 3 seater sofa every day for many years. Besides, you won’t be the only ones using it either – your parents will use it to rest as they watch their favourite Chinese soap opera; your Makcik and Pakcik will gather on your sofa for a good catch up every Hari Raya; your Tāttā pāṭṭi who will find reprieve on those cushioned seats after playing with their grandchildren.

As such, you’ll want to invest in an excellent sofa that doesn’t break down after a few years. If you wish to purchase a durable sofa, opt for those made from high-quality fabrics and leathers as they can withstand wear better.

Care requirement

Every material has its own care requirement. Leather, for instance, is very easy to clean but requires regular conditioning to prevent cracks. On the other hand, fabric withstands scratches well and is easy to maintain. Be sure, however, to opt for quality fabrics to prevent pilling or thinning! Be sure to consider maintenance when choosing your ideal 3 seater.


When it comes to comfort, fabric and velvet trumps leather due to the textiles’ softness. But comfort doesn’t limit itself to material either – size plays an important role as well! You’ll want a big enough sofa to seat your guests comfortably. If you wish to lie down and stretch your legs, a 3 seater recliner or an L-shaped sofa will be the best choice.

Buy your next 3 seater sofa online

Lounge with our 3 seater sofas. From a minimalist fabric sofa to a modern leather sofa with a recliner, you’ll find the perfect 3 seater to suit your style and needs. Place an order online and if we have them in stock, you can expect to have your sofa delivered right to your doorstep in 3 working days. To try out our sofas in person, head down to our showroom today!

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