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Pull Out Beds

Space planning is a crucial element when it comes to deciding on your home’s layout. Pieces like multifunctional pull out beds and storage cabinets are more commonly seen in Singapore these days due to their space-saving features.

If you are planning to grow your kampung, it is important to plan ahead and choose furniture that will help you maximise your available space. One way to do just that is to go for a pull out bed. It grants you the flexibility of expanding the bed when you have another child sharing the room or a visitor who is staying for the night, and keeping it compact when not in use.

Convenience of pull out beds with storage in Singapore

Apart from taking up only one-bed space when not in use, pull out beds that are designed with built-in drawers or hollow carriages give you the added benefit of extra storage space. This is great if you want to keep things out of the way. No more lugging a heavy, spare mattress out from your storeroom and keeping it back in – simply pull out the bottom bunk and jump right into bed!

Choosing the right pull out bed

When choosing a pull out bed, consider what functions you would like your bed to fulfil.

1. Beds for bigger families

Looking for super single pull out beds for multiple children? Why not go for two single beds with pull out compartments to fit more? This will fit just nice in a standard BTO bedroom in Singapore, and is the perfect solution for large families.

2. Beds for comfortable sleep

A good quality bed frame provides strong support for overall comfort throughout the night. If you are looking for a bed frame that will creak less, our wooden pull out bed that is constructed with sturdy wood is a good solution to lull you into a good night’s sleep.

3. Beds that complement your decor

Contrary to popular belief, pull out beds aren’t all that bulky and old-school. If aesthetic is a priority, you will be glad to know that many multifunctional beds these days come in a wide range of colours and designs. Want a sleek and minimalist look? Go for an all-white pull out bed complete with light-colour bedding!

Buy pull out beds with Fullhouse

Whether you are looking for super single or double sized bedroom furniture, there is something for everyone at Fullhouse. Browse bed frames that come with ample storage space, pull out beds with different configurations, and other bedroom furniture that complements your home dΓ©cor at our website today.

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