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Storage Beds

Singapore is a space-scarce city โ€“ and that means our flats are getting smaller as the years go by. Unfortunately, thatโ€™s something that we have no control over. And what do we do? We embrace our humble-sized homes! Be it a studio apartment or a 3-room HDB flat, residing in small spaces doesnโ€™t mean you have to pick between parting ways with your worldly possessions or living cooped up in cramped conditions. You just have to rethink your living space and make the most of it by choosing the right furniture โ€“ย not just for your living hall but also for your sleeping quarters.

Given that beds have the largest footprint in the bedroom, it makes sense to invest in a storage bed frame โ€“ย an ingenious solution that allows you to maximise the under-bed space that would otherwise go unused.

Make your bed work hard for you, not the other way around

These bed frames come with spacious drawers underneath, giving you an extra storage room in a bedroom where every inch counts. Items commonly found strewn around your sleep sanctuary - like your extra bedding, old clothes collection and bulky sweaters that you 100 percent need but donโ€™t often use in sunny Singapore - can all be stashed away in that one brilliant storage unit.

A testament that tiny spaces can be stylish too

Say goodbye to your footboard-style bed frame and replace it with a stylish, ultra-modern platform bed with storage that complements the aesthetic of your bedroom. Simple yet breathtaking, you can let the platform bed frame stand alone or add the headboard for a classic appeal.

Buy bed frame with storage online

Whatever style makes you tick โ€“ย our vast collection is bound to have something right for you. Browse through our catalogue and take your pick from selections that stand out among Singaporeโ€™s most contemporary storage beds today.

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