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Coffee Tables with Storage

Keep your life organised and free from clutter with our modern storage solutions. Coffee tables are a staple piece of furniture found in most homes. You will often find family members and visitors alike gathering on the chairs and sofas surrounding the coffee table as they catch up while munching on snacks or enjoying a drink. A tidy home is a happy home. Fullhouse provides a variety of different wooden, marble and glass coffee tables complete with storage options so you can minimise mess without compromising on aesthetics.

Wood, glass and marble coffee tables

Many homeowners in Singapore recognise the need to maximise space in their living areas. One good way to do so is to consider smart storage solutions when choosing furniture pieces. Our thoughtfully designed coffee tables are not only built with quality materials like glass, marble and wood to match individual tastes and interior design themes, we have also taken care to include storage options like pull out cabinets and built-in shelves for extra storage space. Those who desire a Scandinavian vibe for their living room can check our Hema Scandi Coffee Table. Alternatively, for a coffee table with a glass top, take a look at our Timo Coffee Table for some inspiration. Prefer to go luxe with a marble coffee table? Our Delora Coffee Table might be the one for you.

For quick access, consider storing things like tissue boxes, television remotes, snacks and even other items such as a coffee table book to inspire conversation in the storage compartment under your  coffee table.

Visit our showroom to check out our coffee tables

Fullhouse offers free shipping throughout Singapore for all orders above $250. You can also head down to our showroom to get a closer look at our curated collection of glass, wood and marble coffee tables and other storage-friendly furniture pieces. Our on-site staff will be happy to provide you with further information and furniture advice!

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