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Whether you are a fashionista who lives for shopping the latest trends or a clothes hoarder with a closet that can’t be tamed, finding a bedroom storage solution tailored to your lifestyle and preference is incredibly important. But with such an overwhelming selection of wardrobes available for modern homes today, how can you narrow down your choices when shopping for a wardrobe in Singapore? Fret not – Fullhouse is here to help!

Factors to consider before you take the plunge

Before buying a wardrobe in Singapore, it is important to consider the following:

  • Your storage requirements: When it comes to a wardrobe, it is what is inside that really counts. After all, the purpose of a wardrobe is to - well - store your clothing collection. Understanding your preference for clothing storage will enable you to pick one with a suitable configuration. To start, ask yourself what sort of storage space do you need – more hanging space for dresses, more drawers and shelves to separate stacks of folded clothes, or a perfect combination of both? The best thing about modern-day modular wardrobes is that you get to be your own designer. With the freedom to customise according to your needs, designing your wardrobe means endless possibilities.
  • The door style: Next, consider the type of wardrobe. If you have limited space to work with, opt for a wardrobe with just a single door. Sliding doors also work a treat as it eliminates the need for the door to swing outwards while maximising all corners of your room. If you want something that makes it visually easy to have separate storage areas, go for hinged wardrobes with 3 to 5 doors or even up to 10 doors.
  • The stylistic elements: Once you have pinpointed your functionality requirements, you can decide on a style. Scandinavian, eclectic, contemporary, or something else? Apart from solid wood, you can also play around with different materials like a beautifully black-tinted mirror glass finish for an added dimension to your bedroom space.

Personalise your wardrobe with Fullhouse

Find yourself questioning where to buy a wardrobe in Singapore no more. Fullhouse has scoped out the best wardrobe options for your pick. Order online and enjoy free delivery for orders above $250 today!

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