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A Local Business By Family for Families

13 Years and Running

Fullhouse Home Furnishings is a furniture retail business based in Singapore. It was founded in 2008 by Elton Pan. Our company's first showroom and headquarters was located in Serangoon North. Over the years we have expanded from 1 to 12 showrooms all around Singapore, and relocated our head office and warehouse to Kaki Bukit.

A Need for Change

When COVID-19 pandemic hit Singapore in 2020, our company had to rethink our business model in order to survive. We downscaled our employee workforce and showrooms painfully to make room for complete business transformation. We have changed our operations to focus on digital technology, customer research, team productivity and employee's personal development.ย 

Family-at-Heart Values

Fullhouse has strong family-at-heart values as its core. We believe that work should be about mutualย respect, team support, personal growth and healthy work-life balance. We are also committed to make Fullhouse a diverse and inclusive business. We believe it's everyone's responsibility to listen, to learn, to reflect, and to take action against racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia. Our company wants to be part of the change andย help create a world where all types of people and families feel welcome. This is why we curate our output carefully, making sure it aligns with our company's ethos, from products to marketing.

Curated for Families

Fullhouse furniture are curated based on customer demographic research, Singapore home size analysis, style trends and strict quality control. Our vision is to develop an effortless style which is fun and approachable for our customers. We aspire to create homes for families to live better.ย 

A New Fullhouse: Better Together

The new Fullhouse Home Furnishings aspires to create a business that is more than just "nice furniture at an affordable price." We want everything that we do to promote family, diversity, inclusivity, positivity, creativity and purposefulness. We aim to provide services for people from all walks of life to feel welcomed andย live Better Together.

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